Twitter Map Shows The Top Dog Loving States Across The Nation

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Think your state loves dogs? We wanted to find out who the biggest dog loving states were in the US (at least on social media) so we used trends software with direct access to geotagged twitter data and tracked phrases and hashtags such as “I love dogs,” or “I love my dog,” or #doglover, #doglovers, etc. Over 100,000 dog loving tweets were tracked.

As you can see, the Southwest seem to be the biggest dog loving region, with Colorado taking the top spot. The top 10 dog loving states are as follows:

1. Colorado
2. Arizona
3. Nevada
4. New Mexico
5. Mississippi
6. Florida
7. Rhode Island
8. Vermont
9. New Hampshire
10. Maine

Does this mean there aren’t many dog lovers in the Midwest and other regions? Of course not, but it seems that the dog owners of the Southwest and Northeast are simply much more vocal about it on social media