Here Are The Top Pet Adoption States According To Social Media

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Surprisingly, hard data on pet adoptions by state is difficult to come by (we looked), so we turned to our twitter trends tool to see if we could get an idea of where the most pet adoptions were taking place, especially as people love to share pictures, stories, etc about newly adopted or rescued animal friends.

The map above (and below) is based on geotagged twitter data within the last month, tracking tweets and hashtags about adopted and rescued animals, including discussion in general advocating for adopting and rescuing pets. Common hashtags included #adoptdontshop, #rescuedog, #rescuedogs, #animalrescue, #petrescue, #rescuecat, #adoptacat, etc. Over 50,000 tweets were tracked.

It’s also interesting that there seems to be a regional component, with the Northeast and Southwest having the most activity.

The top 10 pet adoption and rescue states (according to twitter data) are as follows:

1. Massachusetts
2. Mississippi
3. Connecticut
4. New Hampshire
5. New Mexico
6. Ohio
7. Oregon
8. Colorado
9. Arizona
10. Pennsylvania