The Best Toys for Teething Puppies

Chew Toy for Teething Puppies

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Chew Toy for Teething Puppies

Puppies begin teething when they’re about three to four months old. You’ll know it’s happening once you notice them chewing, gnawing, and nipping on just about anything—and that includes your upholstery, your shoes, and even your hand! The process doesn’t take long, but it can be extremely uncomfortable, sometimes painful, for the poor pup. You have to do your best to help him out during this stage.

It might take some patience since you’d have to train the puppy that it’s not okay to chew on just anything. You must be careful not to punish him, but instead show him which things are okay to be chewing on. For this purpose, pet supply manufacturers have come up with a wide variety of teething toys. When he starts to show interest in chewing your favorite pair of shoes, you can offer these toys as a substitute to help manage the teething—and save your furniture in the process.

Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick

Teething Sticks

Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick

This Cool Teething Stick by Pet Stages has an outer layer that turns a crunchy when frozen. The cool temperature is great for soothing painful gums. Just pop it in the fridge and offer to your teething pup to satisfy his urges. It costs as low as $3.25 on Amazon.

KONG teething sticks

KONG Puppy Teething Stick

KONG Puppy Teething Stick for puppies up to nine months old is made of rubber that not only soothes those sore puppy teeth and gums, but effectively cleans them with specially designed Denta-Ridges. The stick can be filled with treats like peanut butter, so your pooch is sure to love it. You can buy the KONG teething stick on Amazon for $8.99.

Louis Vuitton dog carrier

Cool Pup Cooling Toy

During summer time, the Cool Pup Cooling Toy will keep any pup comfy and chilly. It’s made of thermoplastic rubber that you can fill with water and freeze. Your teething pup gets to enjoy cool water as the water defrosts. Amazon sells these for $10.99 a pop.

Nylabone teethe n tug chew toys

Teething Rings

Nylabone TeeThe ‘N Tug Puppy Chew Toy

TeeThe ‘N Tug Puppy Chew Toy by Nylabone is a puppy teething toy that’s made of soft, chewy material to relieve any discomfort during the teething stage. It comes in a slim design that’s perfect for small dogs. It’s sold at Amazon for $4.87.

Fluffy Paws Dog Chewing Ring

Fluffy Paws Dog Chewing Ring

Also great for puppies and small dogs, this Dog Chewing Ring by Fluffy Paws is designed with bumps and grooves all around to effectively soothe those puppy gums and clean teeth as they chew. It’s made of tough, durable rubber that’s very flexible for all your playtime needs. The toy is also waterproof so you can take it with you in case you and your pooch go out for a swim. It’s available for $8.99 on Amazon.

GUCHO Durable Dog Chew Toy

If your pup comes from a huge breed and turns out to be a more aggressive chewer than you expected, don’t worry because there are teething toys designed for him, too! This Dog Chew Toy by GUCHO is made from extremely tough, non-toxic rubber that can withstand the strongest jaws. It’s available in small and large sizes to suit any dog.

Dawg Grillz chewing toys

Rubber Balls

Dawg Grillz Dog Balls

This Dog Ball by Dawg Grillz comes with a design that looks like actual teeth, making not only a functional teething toy, but fun to take pictures with as well! It’s a squeaky toy that also floats in water. The toy is suitable for large to medium sized dogs.

Joansan Durable Dog Rubber Chewing Toys

Joansan Durable Dog Rubber Chewing Toys

These Durable Dog Rubber Chewing Toys by Joansan guarantees hours of fun and exciting play for your teething puppy. It’s made of tough rubber material that makes the toy sturdy enough to also be used for training and exercise.

Bojafa Dog Teeting Balls

Bojafa Dog Teething Balls

If you think puncture-resistant balls are perfect for your teething puppy, Amazon sells these Bojafa Dog Teething Balls. The special puzzle design even allows you to insert treats for your puppy to enjoy even more even while he is teething.

Rope toys for teething dogs

Rope Toys

Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toys

This set of Teething Rope Toys by Alvi & Remi will be sure to stop destructive chewing and biting behavior in no time. Made of 100% cotton and floss fabric, these toys not only soothes sore gums but greatly improves your pup’s dental health.

Aipper Chew Toys

Aipper Dog Puppy Toys

Get so much more than your money’s worth with a 12-piece set of Aipper Chew Toys for teething and cleaning. The set comes complete with rope toys made of high-quality materials that are safe and non-toxic. It also includes chew toys, squeaky toys, and bounce rubber balls—what more could your teething puppy ask for?

Otterly Pets Rope Toys

Otterly Pets Rope Toys

Otterly Pets specializes in a line of rope toys that work great for small to medium-sized dogs. These fun-colored rope toys are made with washable 100% cotton fibers that will keep your little puppy busy for hours.

AWOOF puppy toys


AWOOF Puppy Toys

The vibrant colors of AWOOF Puppy Toys will definitely catch the eyes (and mouth!) of your little furry darling. These plush toys are super soft and will not harm your dog’s gums. Plush toys are an ideal choice if your pup isn’t much of an aggressive chewer. For only $15.79, you can get ten of these colorful plushies for your pup right on Amazon.

Squeaky Plush Toys for teething puppies

Dog Squeaky Toys by Lechong

What’s better than a plush toy? Plushies that squeak, of course! These squeaky plush chew toys don’t have stuffing that may cause suffocation or choking. The fabric is thicker, making these adorable plushies longer-lasting. Every bite will make a squeaky sound that your pup won’t be able to get enough of!

Petfactors Plush toy

Pet Factors Plush Dog Toy

This Plush Fox Toy by Petfactors combines soft, durable plush material with durable nylon ropes that definitely helps with teething discomfort, on top of endless fun. You can even insert squeakers in the plushie to make it more interesting for your dog.

You’ll never run out of good options when it comes to finding the right toys for your teething puppy. They come in all interesting shapes, colors, and sizes—and at affordable prices. Make sure to read the product descriptions carefully to be able to choose the best quality teething toy for your furbaby.

Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed