Six Unique Toys That Both Dogs and Their Humans Will Love

Dog playing with a toy

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Dog playing with a toy

The perfect home for a dog is one in which it is showered with love and gets to play a lot. Their long domestication into humanity’s best friends means that they see us as social partners and companions. One of the ways we can strengthen that bond is to let them play.

Play is important for dogs for several other reasons. It is one of the best ways to get them used to being around people and other dogs, especially if they are puppies or are traumatized. It is one of the ways they can exercise and draw health benefits. Dogs that are left to play are also less prone to anxiety and easily learn and follow commands.

That said, nothing beats the sheer joy of play for both canines and their human owners. Dogs engaged in some form of play are responsible for some of the most viral videos on the internet because just about everyone enjoys watching them.

This list explores toys that are just as fun for dogs as they are for their human companions. One of the first things new dog owners learn is that it helps a lot to get them toys; that way, they can entertain themselves when you get busy with something else and don’t worry much when you leave them. The toys on this list this will do and more; they will entertain you too.

Hide a Squirrel Puzzle Plush

This interactive puzzle toy is highly recommended on Amazon where it has close to 7000 reviews. Satisfied buyers say their dogs instantly fell in love and were captivated by it. The puzzle includes a plush trunk that can be stuffed with either squirrels, birds and bees for the dog to sniff and pull out. They also cannot resist running around the house with the squeaky stuffed animals or playing a game of chase with the toy.

It is best for small and medium breeds as well as pups, according to several reviewers, because large dogs tend to tear it apart after a few days or turn it into a chewy mess. That aside, it is durable even as it remains a favorite.

Prices range from $13 to $20 on Amazon for the biggest size. Get this for your puppy to provide mental exercise and physical play for months on end.

Grillz squeaky rubber dog balls
Dawg Grillz Ball Toy

Careful with this one: some owners said their dogs loved it so much they became obsessed with the toy. The ball bounces and does all the stuff dogs love the most; it can be used to play chase, but most prefer to hold onto them with their teeth and chew. It isn’t just a favorite for dogs, though: humans are fond of the balls too because of their ‘grillz;’ the teeth pattern around them which give the illusion of the pets having human teeth.

It is not the most durable toy but rest assured that it’ll leave you in stiches for as long as you have it. Plus, it’s only 10 bucks at Amazon.

BarkBox’s Toys, Treats and Chews

Who doesn’t love packages and the promises they hold? Well, every month you can guarantee this excitement for your dog with a monthly subscription to BarkBox. The company will then send a themed gift box of dog toys, treats and chews. And just in case you were wondering, BarkBox tailors the gifts to the needs of your dogs.

Most dog toys don’t last long because their owners love chewing and scratching on them. With the BarkBox, however, dog and owner are sure that something unique will be coming coming every month. And as we all know by now, nothing tops the joy of a dog with a shiny, new toy.

Monthly plans start at $22 a month and come with free shipping in the contiguous United States. You can also buy a non-subscription package or subscribe for the package through Amazon.

Two dogs playing Tetherball.

Most of us know tetherball as an outdoor game for people, especially children. Playing it requires a ball similar to a volleyball that is tied by a slender rope to a ten-foot, vertical pole. Two players on opposite sides of the pole then hit the ball in one direction until one manages to wrap the rope and ball all the way around the pole, bringing it to an end.

Dogs being dogs decided that the fun in the game should not be left for only humans. As several people with tetherball sets in their backyards and dogs have discovered, it is a fun game for them that they will play for hours. Even better, the lack of a partner is not the obstacle it would be for human players; one dog can have as much fun as two dogs.

It is the perfect toy because it helps dogs exercise and bond and is suited to all sizes. And in the case of only one dog ‘player’, a human can join and complete the pair requirement. There is nothing dogs love better than chasing or catching balls, so it will keep them occupied for a long time as you, the owner, gets busy with something else. When you get bored you can always look through the window to find out who is in the lead.

This great tetherball set costs $116 on Amazon.

Tumbo Hanging Bungee Rope

This is sort of like tetherball but made specifically for dogs. You tie the bungee code to an overhead object like a tree or a deck beam and create a force for your dog to tug against. When they let go of the ball toy it moves away from them for them to run after it and tug again. There are different sizes to cater for small, medium, and big dogs. A small dog option is for only indoor play.

Dogs will love this, especially those with boundless energy. Watching them go at it is also great entertainment for their owners.

Get it at Amazon for 30 bucks.

Donald Trump Toy
Fuzzu Donald Trump Parody Toy

We are not about to see canines in the voting booth but that does not mean they should not have a say in the political issues of the day. These two chew toys are guaranteed to turn any dog into an involved and content citizen while providing amusement for their human pals. Political leanings don’t matter because they are good for both conservatives and liberals.

But just in case you wanted someone other than Donald Trump, there are Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin and Boris Johnson toys.

They’re also quite durable for chew toys and will last longer than initially expected.

Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed