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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog? Cut Their Hair?

Every product is independently selected by (dog-loving and dog-owning) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn okfido a commission Part of caring for your beloved pet dog is ensuring he’s given proper grooming. A well-groomed dog is a healthy dog, so this is not something a pet owner should take for granted. Also, if your dog is groomed regularly, you spare yourself from having to clean up a… Read More »How Often Should You Wash Your Dog? Cut Their Hair?

Luxury Pet Products: Most Expensive Pet Collars and Accessories

There’s no question that pets make our lives richer and joyful. We just want to give them as much love and care as we can afford. For pet owners who have a few grand to spare, luxury pet collars and accessories may be an easy decision. Designer brands have been catering to pets in recent years, and of course, some celebrities and socialites just couldn’t pamper their beloved pets enough. Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive pet accessories money can buy.
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