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Best Supplements for Skye Terriers

The Best Vitamins and Supplements For Skye Terriers

Skye Terriers can live long lives--for 12 to 15 years--although they are prone to diseases like glaucoma, colitis, liver and kidney diseases, and allergies. Here are some of the best supplements you might consider for your terrier.
Best Supplements for English Foxhounds

The Best Vitamins and Supplements For English Foxhounds

English Foxhounds are gentle, athletic hunting dogs that will shower you with loyalty and affection. If you’re the lucky owner of one (or more), then you know firsthand how dogs of this great breed make the most delightful companions.
Best Vitamins Supplements for Maltese

Best Vitamins and Supplements for Maltese Dogs

Today we list down some highly recommended vitamins and supplements for Maltese dogs. But keep in mind that every dog is different and it’s possible your Maltese might not need supplements at all. Always consult with your vet first before you try anything. 
Best Supplements for Large Dogs

Top 10 Dog Supplements for Large Breeds

Pet owners want nothing less than their beloved pets to live long, healthy lives. Apart from providing them with healthy meals to ensure they get all the daily nutrients they need, you may also consider adding supplements to their diet.
Top Rated Dog Food for Large Dogs

Top Rated Dog Food for Large Breeds

Large dog breeds have special dietary requirements that need to be properly met. Mastiffs, Labradors, Saint Bernards, Dobermans, and similarly massive canine breeds are highly prone to genetic health problems such as hip dysplasia, joint problems, and osteoarthritis. This is where the importance of your dog’s diet comes in.
Top Rated Dog Food for Small Breed Dogs

Top Rated Dog Food for Small Breeds

Small dog breeds have special nutritional needs that should be an essential part of their diet. Don’t be fooled by their size—smaller dogs, in fact, have higher metabolic rates which means they require more calories per pound compared to large canine breeds.
What you need to know about CBD dog treats

Are CBD Pet Products Right for Your Dog?

Every product is independently selected by (dog-loving and dog-owning) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn okfido a commission You may have just started noticing the growing popularity of CBD dog treats in the market and wondering if it’s beneficial or safe for your pet. After all, we all just want the best for our delightful canine friends! CBD dog treats come in the form of edible treats… Read More »Are CBD Pet Products Right for Your Dog?

Doggie Diet Trends: What’s New on Your Dog’s Plate

You’re all aware of the diet trends that rock the human food world about every couple of days it seems. All of your friends want to know are you eating Paleo, Keto, or Adkins? Does this come in organic or all natural? It’s no surprise that some of these diet trends have spilled over into the dog food market, but are these dog diet crazes healthy or even safe for our furry friends?,
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