10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Dog Owners

Christmas gift for dogs

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Christmas gift for dogs

We all have at least one friend or family member who just can’t stop talking about how much they love their dogs. Chances are, they’re also the ones who post those cute and funny dog memes and videos on Facebook almost on a daily basis.

And can we blame them? Dogs are just the sweetest, fluffiest, most adorable creatures around. You know they will love you and be there for you no matter what!

If you’re looking for just the right gift for that dog-crazy person, here are ten awesome gift ideas that are great for any occasion. Being fierce dog lovers ourselves, you can say that these are gifts we wouldn’t mind receiving ourselves!

Furbo dog camera

For the tech-savvy dog owner

1. Treat-dispensing dog camera

What’s better than a video communication system that allows you to monitor and even communicate with your pet even when you’re not at home? Why of course, a dog camera that allows you to toss treats to your pet with only a tap on your smartphone! The Furbo dog camera would be an ideal gift for any dog parent who couldn’t stop thinking about how their Fido is doing when they’re not at home. The Furbo app enables two-way audio communication, live video monitoring, treat tossing, and more.

2. Activity monitor/ GPS tracker

A GPS tracking device comes handy for any pet owner. Dogs can be especially curious and sometimes, we fear the possibility of getting lost in one of their explorations. An activity monitoring/ GPS tracking device designed especially for pets is the perfect way to offer peace of mind to any dog lover.

Louis Vuitton dog carrier
Embark dog DNA test

For the sentimental dog owner

3. Dog DNA test kit

The dog breed identification kit by Embark gives pet owners the full breed profile of their dog, which is especially handy in the case of rescue dogs. A quick cheek swab tells you your dog’s breed, relatives, ancestry, and more. You have the option to get the breed identification and health test kit that helps screen for around 170 adult-onset genetic diseases in dogs. This is a gift that any dog lover would be sure to appreciate.

4. Paw prints keepsake photo frame

Dog owners want nothing more than to enjoy every moment with their beloved furbabies. This special keepsake photo frame would be great for holding their favorite photo of their dog, along with a perfect paw print. The product comes with a pet-safe, non-toxic white clay for making the paw print to be framed. The steps to creating it is easy as there’s no need to mix or bake. Not only does it make a fitting tribute to man’s best friend, it makes for a pretty tasteful display at home, too.

Aquapaw dog bathing tool

For the hands-on dog owner

5. Sprayer-scrub bathing tool

This pet shower-and-sprayer-in-one by Aquapaw makes bath time a more pleasant experience for both dog and owner. The contraption can fit either hand and can be made to fit either an outdoor garden hose or the shower bath tub using a specially designed shower adapter. The ingenious design allows for more flexibility in spraying water and better efficiency in rubbing and brushing your dog’s coat.

6. Dog ball thrower

Part of good dog parenting is spending quality time playing and training with your pet dog. The Chuckit! Dog Ball Thrower would be offering a gift of endless hours of fun and bonding time between dog and owner. Made of lightweight and durable material, the ball thrower makes it easy to throw and pick up dog balls when playing outdoors. You can choose a thrower for a small, medium, or large sized ball.

dog walk kit by Wild One

For the fashionable dog owner

7. Dog walking kit

This trendy leash, collar, and poop bag walking set by Wild One is sure to catch the eye of the dog lover who likes to walk around with looking chic and fashionable. Because if you’re going to walk your dog around the block, why not do it in style? The walking kit is a popular gift choice for hip dog parents. It comes in different attractive colors, so why not get more than one for all your dog-loving friends?

8. Memory foam dog bed

The way to a dog lover’s heart is by spoiling his dog. And what better way to pamper a pooch than with a nice memory foam dog bed that’s comfortable, durable, and long-lasting. The bed by BarkBox comes in fun colors and different sizes to suit every dog. It features a gel memory form top layer to keep the dog warm and cozy, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep always. The bed comes with a fleece cover that’s easy to replace and wash.

Leak-proof dog water bottle

For the dog owner who loves to travel

9. Leak-proof dog water bowl/ bottle

When taking dogs out for a walk or on trips, it’s important for dog owners to make sure their pets are well hydrated at all times. This dog water bottle from Uncommon Goods is extremely convenient for being leak-proof and easy to carry, thanks to an attached Velcro strap. A simple squeeze fills the attached dish on top with water for your pet to drink anytime he pleases.

10. Hammock-style dog car seat cover

This hammock-style dog car seat cover with mesh window is guaranteed to bring joy to anyone who loves to take road trips with their dog. It’s designed to keep your dog comfortable throughout the car rides, while keeping your upholstery safe and protected. The car seat cover includes a mesh window for better visibility for both the driver and his canine passenger. The cover is easy to clean and can fit standard sized cars and SUVs.

We hope you found inspiration with our amazing gift suggestions. Don’t get us wrong—we do love those customized shirts and mugs as much as the next person. But if you’re looking to truly impress a dog lover, pick a gift that’s little more memorable and unique, or better yet, a gift that both dog parent and their furbaby could enjoy together.

Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed


Majestic Pet Stone Suede Bagel Dog Bed