The Best of Dog Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Dog Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Dog Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas morning won’t be complete without a mug of hot chocolate and gathering around opening presents with the whole family in ugly Christmas sweaters. Nothing feels more like home than a carefully and lovingly knitted sweater to keep you nice and warm during the holidays. And because our pets are special parts of our family too, of course they’re not exempted from the tradition of wearing those Christmas-themed knitted sweaters that are sure to make them look so adorable, and keep them comfy as well! Take a look at some of the most delightful dog ugly sweaters we’ve spotted online.

1. Christmas LED Light Up Design Dog Sweater

Right on top of our list is this unique and amazing Christmas-themed LED light up dog sweater, decked with a Christmas tree and ornaments that actually light up! The tiny, multi-color LED bulbs are battery-powered and can be switched on to multiple modes by a switch inside the hoodie. The polyester fabric is soft, stretchable, and lightweight.

2. Christmas Sweater with Penguin Pattern

This dog Christmas turtleneck sweater with penguin pattern is simply irresistible. The cute design, the bright colors, and the warm and comfortable fit will definitely set the right holiday mood! The dog ugly sweater is available in small to large sizes to fit any dog.


3. Reindeer-Themed Dog Ugly Sweaters

These reindeer-themed ugly Christmas sweaters will make great gifts for your pooches if they’ve been nice all year! Check out this blue reindeer puppy sweater which is made of soft acrylic material that will keep your furbabies snug all throughout the winter.

Just like this brown turtleneck dog sweater, the fabric isn’t only warm and comfortable, but also comes in an elastic design that makes it easy wear and to take off.

This cozy reindeer-themed knitted sweater comes with a hoodie for added warmth and comfort. It comes in lovely Christmas colors and wacky art that’s sure to spread some good holiday cheer.

This reindeer-themed knitted dog sweater by BOBIBI is sure to be the toast of any ugly sweater party! The red and white stripes look simple but chic, accentuated by a funny reindeer art design that’s fit for the cutest dog in the neighborhood.

Online shoppers can’t get enough of reindeer-themed dog sweaters and it’s easy to see why. Check out this black, knitted dog sweater with a Rudolph art design, complete with the shiny red nose! The sweater is sure to catch the eye wherever your pup goes.

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4. Dog Ugly Sweaters in Cute Christmas Patterns

Making it into our list are some dog ugly sweaters with the most charming Christmas patterns.  This dog winter jacket in dark blue and red is designed with seasonal winter elements that look as warm to the eyes as it will be for your little snowflake when he wears it.

This dog Christmas sweater comes with a pattern that gets you and your pet more than ready for winter wonderland! Your furbaby is sure to look cool and sharp with the grey and white color and V-neck design, while staying warm and cozy on the inside. The sweater comes with slit on the back for the leash so you can have him wear the sweater for protection against the cold when you take a walk outside.

Here’s another one of our favorite ugly dog sweater patterns. Plaid is definitely a staple as far as ugly sweaters are concerned. And if you just can’t get enough of plaid, dress up your pooch in this plaid style winter knitwear that’s sure to grab everyone’s attention.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and while giving your pet dog diamonds may not be part of your plans this Christmas, you can never go wrong with this festive diamond pattern dog sweater that’s great for the holidays and the whole year round. Who says canines can’t dress up for both comfort and style?

5. Santa’s Helper Dog Ugly Sweater

This cute dog ugly sweater with elf design is a definite must have for your little helper. Friends and family will be delighted to see your good boy all snug and cozy in this pullover sweater made of soft and stretchable acrylic fibers. The sweater comes with front leg holes and no sleeves, making it easy to wear for the most finicky pooch.

6. Snowman Theme Dog Ugly Sweaters

One look at this snowman-themed dog ugly sweater and we wanted to click Buy Now right away! Whether you’re playing out in the snow or just sharing stoeries by the fire, this would be the perfect Christmas outfit for your beloved dog. It comes in eye-catching Christmas colors, delightful art, and most importantly, available in a wide range of sizes that could fit even bigger dogs!

This dog holiday sweater with blue dots snowman pattern is just the perfect accessory that’s sure to be the highlight of your Christmas family picture! The turtleneck design and soft acrylic fabric will keep your furbaby snug and warm throughout the cold months.

7. Classic Design Dog Ugly Sweaters

Nothing beats the classics of course, and this “Merry Christmas” dog sweater is reminiscent of classic ugly sweater tradition, complete with a striped design, various Christmas patterns, and multiple bright colors—everything a classic ugly sweater should have.

This “Jingle My Bells” Christmas dog sweater stays true to the classic designs with just the slightest twist. It comes in black polyester fabric, stitched with green and red accents and bell and snowflake patterns. It’s adorned with two small actual bells that tells you exactly where Fluffy is and what he’s up to next!

There’s just plenty of excellent choices online when it comes to knitted Christmas sweaters for dogs. You and your pets can keep up with the long-standing tradition of Christmas ugly sweaters. All products featured come with great feedback from buyers but be sure to check all the details yourself–especially when it comes to sizes–to make sure that you get the perfect sweater for your furbabies. Happy shopping and enjoy the holidays!

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