10 Unique Dog Halloween Costumes That Are Just Too Cute For Us To Handle

10 Cutest Halloween Dog Costumes

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10 Cutest Halloween Dog Costumes

Don’t we just love seeing cute little pooches dressed up for Halloween? Children and adults alike wear costumes for the occasion, so why not our pet doggies too, right? There are just plenty of adorable dog costumes to choose from! Just put them on and you’re set for hours of fun and opportunities to create good memories with family and friends. If you’re planning to buy a costume for your dog this Halloween, here are ten cutest and most unique ones we can find. Aside from the cuteness factor, we also picked ones that seem most comfortable to wear and move in, in case you’re sending your furbaby trick-or-treating!

Pandaloon and Lion Mane cute dog costumes

1. Panda Costume

 Dressing up your dog as a panda for Halloween (or for any day of the year, really) is sure to brighten up everybody else’s day! Amazon has this costume available for $35. Creator Pandaloon also offers other designs including Bunny, Lion, and Teddy Bear. The costume is a jumpsuit made of soft, plush fabric with reinforced feet and Velcro accessory. The corset back design makes it easy to adjust the fit around the face and the back.

2. Lion King Dog Costume

Your pet could be the gentlest, sweetest creature on earth but why not let him stand fierce as King of the Jungle for a day? Here’s a realistic looking lion mane costume that will sure to blow them all away. Just slip it on and he’s ready to roar! The lion wig by Tomsenn is made of high-quality Polyester fiber that’s 100% safe and non-toxic. This makes a great costume idea of you have a medium to large-sized dog.

Rambo dog costume, spider dog costume

3. Rambo Dog Costume

Bring in the giggles with this cute and funny Rambo costume for dogs, which comes complete with a wig, the infamous red headband, stuffed arms, pant sleeves, and an attached belt and bullet bandolier. It even includes a foam gun. Your dog is sure to look like he’s no canine to be messed with, so better give him treats stat! The costume comes in small to large sizes. See this costume in action by clicking on this video.

4. Tarantula Dog Costume

We can’t get enough of this delightful spider costume for dogs, complete with eight furry legs that look so realistic! It’s Halloween after all, and if you’re out to spook, this costume won’t disappoint. Imagine how terrified the neighbors would be seeing a black spider running around! They would be so relieved to know that it’s just your lovable just playing around and having fun, just like everybody else. The costume is made of soft cotton, which your pet dog is sure to love.

Louis Vuitton dog carrier
Sushi dog costume, UPS pal dog costume

5. Sushi Dog Costume

We don’t know what you think about dressing your pet up as edibles, but we’re definitely all for it, especially with this super cute sushi dog costume, complete with rice, a salmon topping, and nori detailing! Have your pet wear this and won’t you just want to gobble him up on the spot? The jumpsuit is made of plush fabric that’s soft and comfortable to wear. It comes with a Japanese sun detail headband that makes the look even more irresistible.

6. UPS Pal Dog Costume

This UPS pal dog costume is one of the best dog costume ideas out there. It’s simply hard to ignore! Seriously, may the people who had the idea to create something as adorable as this be granted warm doggie cuddles and kisses for the rest of their lives. The costume is designed with UPS box-carrying stuffed arms, pant sleeves, and a UPS visor held with chin straps. Can you imagine opening your door to see this? Now that’s definitely a package any pet lover would love receiving!

Ewok dog costume, Shark dog costume

7. Ewok Pet Costume

If your family is going for a Star Wars theme this year, your furry friend won’t be left out for sure. We dare you have your dog put this on and not swoon! Great for toy pooches, this Ewok dog costume is sold for only $13.17 on Amazon. It comes with a hooded headpiece with fluffy ears attached.  The force is truly strong with this one!

8. Blue Shark Costume

Your furry companion can dress up as a shark for Halloween and still won’t lose his irresistible canine charm, this we guarantee. As a matter of fact, this adorable blue shark costume is very likely to earn him endless coos instead of screams, and lots of pats and rubs! The velvet and microfiber material used for this Halloween suit will keep him warm and cozy, which makes it perfect for the cold months.

9. Cowboy Dog Costume

Is there even a question that this cowboy rider dog costume is one of the best ideas of all time? Eye-catching, cute, and funny, your dog will surely turn heads and make people happy wherever he goes. The material is made of soft cotton and polyester, comfortable enough for your pet to enjoy his Wild West adventures!

10. Lobster Dog Costume

You’d have to be an Ursula to not feel delighted seeing your pet in this cute lobster dog costume. It’s definitely attention grabbing, plus, the bright red color makes it easy for you to spot your pet even if it gets a little too crowded. Seeing a dog dressed up as a lobster will surely surprise and delight everyone this Halloween!

Any of these costumes capture your heart? We can’t choose either, because they’re all just so adorable. Most of these pet costumes are available on Amazon and online pet supply stores at affordable prices. Make sure to read all the product descriptions and customer reviews before making a purchase. Whatever you choose, we’re sure you and your pet are going to rock it this Halloween!

If you prefer to tap your creative side and make your dog’s costume extra special, there are certainly several DIY pet costume ideas that are worth trying.  Have fun this Halloween!

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